Tuition  Break Down:    

If you just need 1 day per week we can do that with out paying for 2 days that you don't need


One time Registration fee of $75

 If you need just 1 day a week we can help you

 rate are from $20.00 - $38.00 per day

Infant -Toddlers

Full time care         -                          $185.00 Per week

Half time                -                              $92.00 Per week

Drop in care for  up to 8 hours                $38.00 Per day



Full-Time                                                 $185.00


Half Time (up to 20 hours a week)           $92.00


Drop In care  (up to 8 hours )                  $38.00 per day 

    All tuitions are Due By 10:00a.m. every Friday.  Please also Include a $2.00 in your payment for the processing fee. If you make your payment after 10:00a.m. on Friday there is a late fee of $15.00 please add that to yoour tuition if you pay after 10:00a.m. on Friday .If you have any questions please feel free to ask me .